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Client Feedback

Reviews from Our Clients

Amy and her team bring a very high level of professionalism and knowhow to any project or organization, regardless of how big or small. As a result of the work of Amy and her team, we have been able to further develop some very significant cases and generate a significantly better result for our clients. I wholeheartedly give them my full and enthusiastic endorsement!

    G.J. | South Carolina

    Amy is a brilliant legal professional who understands and manages both liability and damages in complex cases to deliver enormous value to my clients.

      B.R. | Georgia

      I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amy on a national level and can say, without equivocation, that her training, speaking, and writing skills are unparalleled! Add that to her dedication, critical thinking, and drive and you will be very pleased with the results you get from Amy.

        C.N. | Michigan

        It is a true pleasure working with you and your team. I must say you take us to a greater level. You certainly have inspired me. You are the absolute best, and I am so thankful for you!

        K.L.  |  South Carolina
          K.L. | South Carolina

          Amy is perfect to consult and train for your business. I am impressed with her leadership, organizational skills, thoughtfulness, reliability, and creativity. Amy loves a challenge and the opportunity to develop innovative solutions. She cares about education and the legal profession. She is also a lot of fun! I recommend her without any reservations.

          N.J.  |  Florida
            N.J. | Florida

            Amy possesses the enviable ability to exhibit the highest level of professionalism while also exhibiting very sincere and genuine care and concern for those she works with. Her insights and feedback were accurate, timely, and very much appreciated.

              P.B. | Florida

              Thank you for taking the time to share your talent and knowledge, and also for your patience. You are the example of what a woman/colleague/peer/co-worker should be like. I hope you continue to inspire women around you!

                C.B. | Texas

                Thank you for being so kind and supportive. You've been an incredible mentor and guide, and you have absolute patience, which is so necessary for others who are learning.

                  P.P. | Georgia

                  Great seminar! I've been doing medical records for many years, but I definitely learned a lot from your approach.

                  A.B.  |  South Dakota
                    A.B. | South Dakota

                    Amy was well-prepared and gave an excellent delivery. Her experience in creating a strong practice was obvious. She was very thorough and detail-oriented.

                    A.N.  |  Nevada
                      A.N. | Nevada

                      Amy was an expert and spent well over an hour teaching me all kinds of stuff. She was super helpful and enthusiastic.

                        C.C. | South Carolina

                        I have attended a lot of Medicare seminars and always came out just as confused or more confused than before I attended. However, Amy's presentation was the complete opposite. I learned so much and now have a better handle on how to notify Medicare and the additional steps afterward. Thank you so much for your insight.

                          D.A. | West Virginia

                          What a fantastic presentation. It provided valuable usable information. I have already started to apply the content to existing cases.

                            D.E. | Alabama

                            This was one of the best webinars/seminars I have attended. I learned so much I can use in my job and just in general about Medicare and Medicaid.

                              D.O. | Tennessee

                              Amy is highly knowledgeable, clear, and easy to understand. The handouts are excellent resources. I gained a great deal of practical knowledge for my new job in this area of law.

                                H.R. | South Carolina

                                I attended your class today and will be attending your upcoming lien class. (I also attended your Deciphering the Medical Records class in the past.) Your classes are very informative. I love how you are so thorough and meticulous in your work, and also extremely organized and detail-oriented.

                                  J.A. | Georgia

                                  Great class today! Even though I've been doing this for a while, I learned some new, very useful tools.

                                  M.I.  |  California
                                    M.I. | California

                                    I found the content of your program clearly structured and informative from the initial stages through the trial practices. The printable handouts were very helpful as well.

                                    M.I.  |  Virginia
                                      M.I. | Virginia

                                      Excellent course - packed full of good information and advice. I will put the information I learned to use right away.

                                        S.U. | New York

                                        Wonderful! Amy has the ability to present in a way that anyone can understand and follow.

                                          T.M. | Georgia

                                          I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and appreciated your webinar today. I'm always looking for ways to tweak my procedures and learn more efficient methods. You are highly organized and your presentations are always great.

                                            T.O. | Louisiana

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